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[News] GFX-BASE R.I.P.ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Sep-2003 21:20 GMT by narr13 comments
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The Amiga news-magazine GFX-BASE is gone. Please read a detailed statement by the editor here.
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Comment 1Mike BoumaRegistered user20-Sep-2003 19:55 GMT
Comment 2Lando20-Sep-2003 22:50 GMT
Comment 3Raffaele20-Sep-2003 23:59 GMT
Comment 4Piru21-Sep-2003 02:29 GMT
Comment 5z521-Sep-2003 06:43 GMT
Comment 6Felix Schwarz21-Sep-2003 07:52 GMT
Comment 7Stefan Blixth21-Sep-2003 10:22 GMT
Comment 8Anonymous21-Sep-2003 12:15 GMT
Comment 9Anonymous21-Sep-2003 13:00 GMT
Comment 10AmigaVolks21-Sep-2003 17:12 GMT
Comment 11priest22-Sep-2003 05:49 GMT
Comment 12Leki23-Sep-2003 07:27 GMT
Comment 13Anonymous23-Sep-2003 12:22 GMT
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