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[News] OpenBeos Bootloader for Pegasos (and for any other Openfirmware Platform) is almost ready!ANN.lu
Posted on 25-Sep-2003 14:50 GMT by Raffaele25 comments
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Some news passed unnoticed: The OpenBeos bootloader for any Openfirmware computer PPC based, will be ready for the middle of October. You can read about it at: www.iscomputeron.com. Well, it is just in time for the launch of Pegasos II. Will we see Pegasos II with OpenBeos almost pretty soon?
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Comment 1T_Bone25-Sep-2003 13:02 GMT
Comment 2bbrvRegistered user25-Sep-2003 13:13 GMT
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Comment 8Anonymous25-Sep-2003 14:14 GMT
OpenBeos Bootloader for Pegasos (and for any other Openfirmware Platform) is almost ready! : Comment 9 of 25ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 25-Sep-2003 14:18 GMT
My personal choice of interest on PegasosPPC is:

- MorphOS as first choice due the fact it belongs to it,
- Linux/BSD as second choice and most growing community,
- QNX/BeOS as most interesting MicroKernel+Desktop solution.

MacOS-X and AROS as nice things to keep an eye on from time to time. I don't think that MacOS-X will boot natively on Pegasos anytime soon nor that AROS will become a state of true usability due to slow development.

OpenBeOS is something I can't categorize anywhere. Even BeOS has hard times in the computer business to grab it's place somewhere. It's nice to see that these Operating Systems are being dealth with but they have basically NO influence in the computer business anymore and thus NO public relations value. You keep in your backhead that there are a bunch of Operating Systems that are ported to Pegasos but you also know that they are not even worth to throw an eye on.

MorphOS, Linux, QNX are true interesting solutions for Pegasos. Sadly the real BeOS is not being ported to is.
#13 dammy #15 T_Bone
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