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[News] Pagestream 4.1 for MorphOSANN.lu
Posted on 27-Sep-2003 10:54 GMT by Martin 'Senex' Heine15 comments
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After the previous announcement of Pagestream 4.1 for OS4, now also support for MorphOS has been officially added by Grasshopper LLC. September 26th, 2003 – Antigo, WI – Grasshopper LLC today announced the coming addition of PageStream for MorphOS as the sixth platform in the stable of computers and operating systems that PageStream supports.

MorphOS is inspired by the efficiency found in the original Commodore Amiga and its remarkable multitasking OS, bringing a whole new dimension to personal computers. "We stand behind our Amiga customers with PageStream support for both MorphOS and Amiga OS4", said Deron Kazmaier, PageStream's developer.

We are offering a limited time discount for those who are moving to the MorphOS version of PageStream from other platforms, and likewise we are including the Amiga68k version to those who purchase the MorphOS version before it is finalized. All purchasers will receive access to prerelease versions, and the final version of PageStream 4.1 MorphOS when complete. Crossgrade price from PageStream 4.1 is only $40 and the price for a new copy of PageStream4.1 MorphOS (with Amiga68k) is only $99. The special offers are set to expire upon the final release of PageStream for MorphOS, and will then revert to the same low pricing already in place for the other platforms.
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