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[Motd] MOTD 29/Sep/03ANN.lu
Posted on 29-Sep-2003 19:30 GMT by Christian Kemp (Edited on 2003-09-29 21:31:42 GMT by Christian Kemp)15 comments
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I just added a new Events category that is supposed to hold (a) announcements about shows or events and (b) reports from shows or events, as well a (c) anything related to this. The category is displayed by default, but if you have cookies or bookmarks over-riding that you might want to update your settings.

On an unrelated topic, I'm looking for a low-profile (half-height) PCI graphics card, capable of delivering 1280x1024 in 32bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment 1Raffaele29-Sep-2003 17:38 GMT
Comment 2Nate DownesRegistered user29-Sep-2003 19:09 GMT
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Comment 8Christian KempRegistered user30-Sep-2003 03:05 GMT
Comment 9Emil 'opi' Oppeln Bronikowski30-Sep-2003 06:31 GMT
Comment 10anon30-Sep-2003 10:03 GMT
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Comment 12Christian KempRegistered user30-Sep-2003 16:01 GMT
Comment 13Olegil30-Sep-2003 16:27 GMT
Comment 14Christian KempRegistered user30-Sep-2003 16:41 GMT
Comment 15.jon30-Sep-2003 22:55 GMT
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