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[News] PegXLin now "Ready for IBM Technology"ANN.lu
Posted on 13-Oct-2003 18:02 GMT by Christian Kemp46 comments
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There is now a PegXLin entry at the IBM Global Solutions Directory. PegXLin is a one CD installed image of Debian/Sarge for the PegasosPPC. It uses part of the Debian/Sarge installer, but then uses an installer script that copies the PegXLin pre-installed image to the disk.
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Comment 23DaveP14-Oct-2003 08:52 GMT
Comment 24Bill Hoggett14-Oct-2003 10:58 GMT
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Comment 34IamCleverToo14-Oct-2003 17:57 GMT
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Comment 36smithy14-Oct-2003 19:55 GMT
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