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[News] OpenBSD ready for the PegasosANN.lu
Posted on 14-Oct-2003 10:53 GMT by Christian Kemp15 comments
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From Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck: OpenBSD has been successfully ported to the Pegasos by Dale Rahn. The Pegasos OpenBSD distro will be available for download later this month to all Pegasos owners.
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Comment 1DET Nicolas14-Oct-2003 09:04 GMT
Comment 2Matt Parsons14-Oct-2003 09:17 GMT
Comment 3opi14-Oct-2003 09:44 GMT
Comment 4Carles "Doraemon" Bernardez14-Oct-2003 12:05 GMT
Comment 5IamCleverOne14-Oct-2003 12:31 GMT
Comment 6Anonymous14-Oct-2003 13:25 GMT
Comment 7VAn M.14-Oct-2003 14:09 GMT
Comment 8T_Bone14-Oct-2003 14:32 GMT
Comment 9bbrvRegistered user14-Oct-2003 15:13 GMT
Comment 10Joe "Floid" Kanowitz14-Oct-2003 15:26 GMT
Comment 11NekoRegistered user14-Oct-2003 19:42 GMT
Comment 12strobe15-Oct-2003 00:10 GMT
Comment 13Joe "Floid" Kanowitz15-Oct-2003 01:58 GMT
Comment 14NekoRegistered user15-Oct-2003 09:32 GMT
Comment 15alan buxey16-Oct-2003 07:16 GMT
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