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[Events] MorphOS demo on PowerUPANN.lu
Posted on 15-Oct-2003 17:44 GMT by iwannamakeheneshappy39 comments
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Here you can find some pictures from a MorphOS demo which took place last weekend in Gliwice, Poland. Pictures show 1 Pegasos and 2 Amiga1200 + BlizzardPPC/BVision running MorphOS1.4.
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MorphOS demo on PowerUP : Comment 22 of 39ANN.lu
Posted by Daniel Miller on 15-Oct-2003 23:45 GMT
IMO there's a lot of people who will buy a shrinkwrapped MorphOS for classic Amiga w. PPC accelerator card. So if it is not going to be horribly difficult to support, Genesi should release this ASAP.

Hyperion's plans for this market segment will be in trouble if Genesi releases a solid MorphOS version for classic Amiga with PPC.
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