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[Events] MorphOS demo on PowerUPANN.lu
Posted on 15-Oct-2003 17:44 GMT by iwannamakeheneshappy39 comments
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Here you can find some pictures from a MorphOS demo which took place last weekend in Gliwice, Poland. Pictures show 1 Pegasos and 2 Amiga1200 + BlizzardPPC/BVision running MorphOS1.4.
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Comment 25hooligan/dcsRegistered user16-Oct-2003 01:31 GMT
MorphOS demo on PowerUP : Comment 26 of 39ANN.lu
Posted by brotheris on 16-Oct-2003 01:57 GMT
In reply to Comment 23 (strobe):
Nah, they want licences from Apple, Apple doesn't agree, that is why there is no MOS for Apple hardware ;-]
#27 T_Bone
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