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[Web] DCE: Further photos of the Pegasos II onlineANN.lu
Posted on 21-Oct-2003 12:23 GMT by Martin 'Senex' Heine (Edited on 2003-10-21 16:48:21 GMT by Christophe Decanini)63 comments
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DCE have published photos of the Pegasos II production on their website.
[Christophe - Edit to use mirror link]
The pictures have been mirrored here.
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DCE: Further photos of the Pegasos II online : Comment 39 of 63ANN.lu
Posted by gary_c on 22-Oct-2003 00:43 GMT
In reply to Comment 33 (BrianK):
BrianK wrote:

> Supported OSes for Apple?
> Let's take a look at what PegasOS offers and see if there's an Apple PPC version? (People I'm not trying to attack PegasOS but just using the list on their site to see what other Apple PPC OSes are out there.)

(BTW, that's Pegasos, not PegasOS -- it's hardware, not an operating system.)

> AROS -- can't find one thier page but I can't find PegasOS either.

No Apple plans AFAIK. Pegasos port in progress.

> Knoppix -- can't find one thier page but I can't find PegasOS either.
> NewOS -- Apple planned just like PegasOS.

I don't think so. See below.

> OpenBSD -- Apple port exists PegasOS doesn't appear listed.
> QNX -- Doesn't list Apple but lists Marvell, may work on PegasOS.

A couple of years ago QNX RTP was booted on an iMac in an unofficial "at home" project; I haven't kept up and don't know if anything more official is happening regarding Apple machines. But the Pegasos port is in the bag.

> FreeBSD -- Apple port exists PegasOS doesn't appear listed.
> NetBSD -- Apple port exists PegasOS doesn't appear listed.
> OpenBeOS -- Apple planned just like PegasOS.

I haven't seen anything about an OpenBeOS port for Macs. Do you have a URL? I can quote the latest OBOS newsletter: "I have been talking to the folks from Genesi about some dual branding ideas that they have - ways to promote OBOS within their community and their Pegasos machines within our community." And I can tell you the PowerPC port of OpenBeOS is being done on a Pegasos, not a Mac, (and should be booting within a month or two) and the same for NewOS (OBOS's kernel).

> OpenDarwin -- Apple port exists PegasOS doesn't appear listed.
> Zynot -- site's not easy to find anything so we'll leave that be.
> LinuxPPC -- Apple port exists PegasOS doesn't appear listed.

You're looking in the wrong places, apparently.

> AmigaOS 3.x --- UAE Emulation
> MacOS9 -- Classic Mac Emulation
> MacOSX -- Native

I got tired of going point-by-point on those OSes. Sorry. But they are listed on the Genesi site because they are either done, in progress, or planned to begin shortly. I hit on some highlights, above.

> Now your question was Offically supported OSes. Apple Offical support is for MacOSX. Other OSes are 'officially' supported from their respective organizations. As such some of this support, same as it will be for PegasOS, is via News or Email groups rather then a direct organization. I find it hard to believe that PegasOS will support all the above OSes the same way Apple supports MacOSX.

Well, as a startup Genesi is hungrier that Apple, so they should be more inclined to support everything they can to try and build sales. True, MorphOS is Genesi's favorite child, but that doesn't mean the siblings will be neglected or abused. ;-)

> The point is if Amiga is making a PowerPC operating system and, as if Perite claims think that an extra 5,000 users would be a huge miss for Amiga why not simply extend this logic and port to the Apple PowerPC platform instead?

One built-in plus in the Pegasos case is that these buyers are familiar with AmigaOS and appreciate it, whereas AOS would definitely be a much harder sell to most Mac users. Secondly, Genesi, under the right conditions, would receive an AmigaOS port positively, whereas Apple would either be indifferent or hostile, if history is a guide.

> The potential number of users is far greater then the potential 5,000 that would be gained by doing a PegasOS port. Don't get me wrong if Amiga or Hyperion arranges to do a PegasOS port more power to them and I hope they do well. But, if I were Amiga and looking at alternative platforms, outside of the AmigaOne, to port to the Apple PPC platform would be on the list of places to consider.

Sure, that's why Genesi has plans for a MorphOS/game "trojan horse" live CDROM to run on Macs, for starters. But the Pegasos could be a good second step for Amiga, if the numbers warrant the effort. Anyway, if I were Amiga, I'd be thinking more about AmigaDE hosts and high-quality content than porting the OS itself.

-- gary_c
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