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Posted on 21-Oct-2003 12:23 GMT by Martin 'Senex' Heine (Edited on 2003-10-21 16:48:21 GMT by Christophe Decanini)63 comments
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DCE have published photos of the Pegasos II production on their website.
[Christophe - Edit to use mirror link]
The pictures have been mirrored here.
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DCE: Further photos of the Pegasos II online : Comment 55 of 63ANN.lu
Posted by BrianK on 22-Oct-2003 13:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 39 (gary_c):
">NewOS -- Apple planned just like PegasOS.
I don't think so..."
*** Their webpage seems to say otherwise.
Planned Ports
PPC based machines - G3/G4 Macs, generic PPC boards

"I haven't seen anything about an OpenBeOS port for Macs. Do you have a URL?"
***Sure check out their mainpage http://www.openbeos.org and I clipped the section again but you can look for platform.
What platform(s) is the OpenBeOS targeted to run on?
R1 will be x86 only. Compatibility with other hardware platforms mostly depends on porting the kernel and writing the drivers. Much of the rest of the OS can simply be recompiled for any new platforms.
Besides x86, Travis has NewOS running on Dreamcast (Hitachi SH-4) with planned ports for:
iMac -- G3-/G4-based Apple products.
***and some more listed such as Amiga 3000 but doesn't list generic PPC or Pegasos.

"But they are listed on the Genesi site because they are either done, in progress, or planned to begin shortly. "
*** Yup and as I stated before the list the person asked what supported OSes were there for the Apple system besides MacOSX and to make things easy I just compared the state of the Pegasos list with the current state of their availability for the Mac. The point wasn't to say they weren't in a state aas Genesi claims. The point was the person asked for Supported OSes and my belief is those OSes for the Pegasos will probably be supported in a similar fashion to their current support for the Mac platform. Which is not always similar to the way Apple supports MacOSX but is a type of support none the less.

"You're looking in the wrong places, apparently. "
***I did do a quick look on their respective websites. I'm sure a more exhaustive search, such as mailing and news groups for each OS, may turn up some more info. It's really not my place I'm trusting Genesi is getting all those OSes as marketed. Don't get me wrong ports could be going on but it appears that then not all OS groups are staying current with website updates.

Well, as a startup Genesi is hungrier that Apple...
*** Don't get me wrong I'm all for Genesi supporting multiple OSes. I just don't see a 5,000 user count enough to warrant enough head count to support the 14 different listed OSes the way Apple support MacOSX. The point of the conversation is what is "support".

***Genesi receiving AmigaOS port better then Apple may be the case. However, the way things are now it appears that Apple and MorphOS and perhaps Genesi are pretty hostile to each other. I hope Genesi do well with their Gladiateur game.
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