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Posted on 21-Oct-2003 15:11 GMT by Elena Novaretti15 comments
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A bug in PowerIcons 1.0/1.01 has been found. Nobody cames to the light perfect :) I'm working to fix it soon. Using icon.library < 45.10 causes PowerIcons to show alignment problems with default icons. That's not really a PowerIcons bug, rather a stupid code used by pre-45.10 icon.library when returning from the idenfitying hook. For now please use icon.library 45.10 (OS 3.9 BB2). I'm working to fix it, so wait for release 1.02 on Aminet. .&
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Bug in PowerIcons - warning : Comment 9 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by miksuh on 22-Oct-2003 10:18 GMT
I hope that some changes are made to PowerIcons:

1) That icondrag arrow should not be shown when you just click/doubleclick the icon. Now you can see it when you click the icons and that's irritating.

2) There really should be other ways to show active icon. Changing colors to eg. lighter bluish looks really ugly with many icons. it really does not look good. Darkening the icon would be much better. Best would be if there would be optional glow in the active icons. Similar to Glowicons, but in 24bit. Eg. blue 24bit glow would like good. Even better would be if there could be 2 frames in thge icon, one for inactive and one for active icon. if icon format does not support alternative frame, then change the icon format.

3) It would be good if Powericons would generate icon with less colors when you try to drag the icon. If you can't drag the 24bit icon then you could use that generated icon. With current powericons it shows just an arrow which is't under the mouse pointer. There is nothing undr the mouse pointer, and that looks and feels weird.
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