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[Rant] Whither Sendo?ANN.lu
Posted on 22-Oct-2003 05:48 GMT by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz15 comments
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Again from The Register, Sendo's unveiled the Symbian-based Sendo X. Looks better than the ill-fated Z100. No word on partnerships of interest, but Symbian comes with its own Java environment.
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Whither Sendo? : Comment 12 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz on 22-Oct-2003 18:37 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Anonymous):
> leave it to ANN moderators to post a news item (even if not Amiga related)
> as a rant

Heh, I just noticed that. Anyhow, it wasn't my intention... I still think the DE concept has a lot of technical promise, but this shows its toehold being loosened by yet another "good enough" solution.

More specifically, AInc. can still negotiate with the carriers to come along as "added value" (in an even more perfect world, everyone's smartphone would just take software downloaded from conventional websites; some do, some don't), which was part of the plan, but that's a heck of a lot more work and takes a heck of a lot more resources than just landing on a device from the get-go. Assuming DE work is ongoing, the final release /really/ has to be as compelling as, say, Netscape or OpenGL was if consumers have to make a conscious choice to install it, an even more uphill battle now that open standards and sources reign.

Ironically, this is also a case where they've been sucker-punched to some degree by Microsoft's screwing around. They never set themselves up to be /really/ dependent there, but when Sendo gave up that road, their Plan B removed the need for third-party Java, one of the main niches in the near-term for Intent/DE.

At least Sony's found a use/benefit from Tao's stuff in their own internal development. (That "CoCoon" series of high-end entertainment gear; if there have been newer design wins lately, I've missed 'em.)
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