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[Events] Genesi joining exhibitors at OASEANN.lu
Posted on 24-Oct-2003 07:05 GMT by Martin "Senex" Heine9 comments
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At the upcoming OASE show in Graz, Austria, Genesi will be represented by their betatester Herbert Klackl. According to Jürgen Schober, two Pegasos I computers with MorphOS will be shown.
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Genesi joining exhibitors at OASE : Comment 9 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by [JC] on 25-Oct-2003 20:37 GMT
It really makes me laugh how people who are so quick to shoot down the Pegasos 1 and 2 are too daft to go looking at unbiased (ie non-Amiga related) evaluations of the Arctica chipset. I myself have read several evaluations (mostly of the Teron board being used with Linux in the server market), and I havent read many positive comments about it.

As for the whole AGP 1x thing - how many times does it need to be voiced ? There is very little loss in practical performance by only running AGP at 1x speed. As long as it's an AGP 2.0 compliant slot (and it wouldn't work with any graphics card available for sale today if it weren't) then that's fine. The Arctica's AGP performance is poor at either 1x or 2x speed anyway.
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