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[Events] OS4! In the UK, sooner than you thought!ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Nov-2003 15:58 GMT by Mikey C23 comments
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SEAL & ANT come together to publicly demonstrate OS4 in less than 13 days time! South Essex Amiga Link are pleased to announce that it will be demonstrating AmigaOS4 running on an AmigaOne at it's next group meeting. The meeting will be held on Friday Nov 14th, between 7pm to 11pm, In Basildon, Essex.

On Sunday 16th November SEAL will once more demonstrate AmigaOS4 running on an AmigaOne machine, by travelling to the Amiga North Thames group meeting, being held in Enfield, NE London, between the hours of 1pm to 5pm.

See it, touch it and watch OS4 running natively on an Amiga! Everyone is welcome, admittance is free.

For venue directions please see:
SEAL: http://www.seal-amiga.co.uk

Please note, this is not a show, there will be no dealers, no speakers,etc.

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