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Posted on 07-Nov-2003 19:55 GMT by Tony Gore37 comments
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The NC/SC Amiga User Group presents an interview with developer Jim Wingard of Omniscience. The interview outlines the process of becoming an AmigaDE developer, the software development cycle, as well as his take on AmigaDE in general. Read the full interview ...
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NCSCAUG Interview with Omniscience : Comment 19 of 37ANN.lu
Posted by Purist on 08-Nov-2003 12:02 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (samface):
>>Simple, they have their own agenda to make money and put it in first place.

>Congratulations! You just earned yourself a degree in economics.

>Seriously, they are a business rather than some form of charity organization, >of course they will do what makes the most business sense! What did you >expect, free beer?

There was no investmente from them that was necessary.
So I'd expect them to support the users by letting the 3rd party companies continue AmigaOS, at that time (when they announced AmigaOS dead).

>...However, when several third parties offered to do the work for them, they agreed to license the technology so that third parties could continue the classic line of products while they keep their focus on the next generation technology.

No. Please get your facts rigth! That allowed third party developers to continue AmigaOS when they saw that they couldn't modify TAOS' intent to have memory protection. AmigaDe over AmigaOS is supposed to have that.
So again, it wasn't "for the users".

> You can whine about this strategy all you want but I don't think you will accomplish anything but look really childish.

Childish?!! So you don't think that people that have dedicated so much time to the platform and see the company screwing it all up because of their own agenda, when they could have simply let other companies continue supporting it have a right to say something?

Don't get me wrong I'm talking about the situation as in 2000 (or close) when they announced AmigaOS dead. They screwed it. AmigaOS developers just got away.
There sure was a lack of product responsability too, but had they let 3rd parties continue the OS the the time, I don't think we would be in the situation we are now.

So forgive me if I sound too hash, but the thing is, after what they've done (or didn't), it just seems too much hypocrisy to hear people saying something along the lines of "we're giving AmigaOS back to the users, allowing 3rd parties to continue the OS" or something.

Companies can do whatever they want to with what they own, but their actions, specially towards customers/users are pretty much the normal relations of normall Joe's. If they screwed you once you shouldn't trust them till they prove the contrary.
#21 samface
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