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[Web] NCSCAUG Interview with OmniscienceANN.lu
Posted on 07-Nov-2003 19:55 GMT by Tony Gore37 comments
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The NC/SC Amiga User Group presents an interview with developer Jim Wingard of Omniscience. The interview outlines the process of becoming an AmigaDE developer, the software development cycle, as well as his take on AmigaDE in general. Read the full interview ...
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NCSCAUG Interview with Omniscience : Comment 25 of 37ANN.lu
Posted by Tigger on 09-Nov-2003 05:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (samface):
Seriously, Tigger. Do you really want us to believe that you are only making these inflammatory and patronizing remarks about Amiga Inc. solely for the purpose of informing and saving innocent developers from beeing ripped off? Please get down from that high horse of yours and let people use their own judgement for once. I mean, it's not like you're the only one with an intellect around here.
Well if I pick through your patronizing and inflammatory post, I guess my answer to your question is yes. Back in the days of commodore, if one of the dealers didnt pay one of us for product, it got around pretty quick and was straighted out or he started to have to pay in advance for his stuff, not just the guy he was slow on, but all of us. My comments on DE in this thread are in the same vein with one difference. Due to the manner which DE is currently handled and which dozens of developers have yelled at them about, it is impossible to sell DE apps yourself, it is only possible to sell them through Amiga Inc. Thats another thing that wasnt pointed in the article, the only wasy to sell a product for DE in through Amiga Inc, and as I pointed out, noone that has done that, has been paid. Sure if you have a few friends with SDKs, you can pass around your DE effort and everybody try it out, but to really market a product, it takes Amiga Incs involvment, and so far they haven't paid anyone whos done that. I didnt point out that as we all know, Amiga Inc is insolvent, they dont have a fax number to fax your SDK registration or a phone number to call for info, they are millions of dollars in debt, all of which is also useful information if you are thinking about developing for DE, all I did was give a buyer beware to anyone thinking about buying an SDK and developing for DE. So far no developer has made any money on DE, thats pretty important info if you are thinking about developing for the platform. I didnt tell them to not develop for DE, I didnt ask people to stop posting the truth because it hurts the story (as you did) I provided the info, the developers can make up their own mind (we are a clever bunch) about what to do with that info.
#27 samface #31 Tony Gore
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