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Posted on 07-Nov-2003 19:55 GMT by Tony Gore37 comments
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The NC/SC Amiga User Group presents an interview with developer Jim Wingard of Omniscience. The interview outlines the process of becoming an AmigaDE developer, the software development cycle, as well as his take on AmigaDE in general. Read the full interview ...
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NCSCAUG Interview with Omniscience : Comment 34 of 37ANN.lu
Posted by Purist on 10-Nov-2003 10:20 GMT
In reply to Comment 26 (samface):
"So, while you do recognize that their upcoming AmigaOS5 will not be based on the original AmigaOS in any way, you still claim that the plans for continuing the classic AmigaOS product line is because it somehow makes it more convinient for them?"

Yes!! They saw that the current Amiga users don't want just to move platform, wich would be very convenient to them...
what they are doing is continue it till they can use the users that they gain from that. AmigaODE/OS5 wich seem to be the same concept anyway, don't have anything in common with AmigaOS. Many parts of what they call AG1, that they call old legacy, can/are being updated by third to modern functionality.
There is a difference between old legacy that is restrictive and legacy that IS NOT. If you can't differentiate between those two I don't know why I am losing my time with you.
An ousider can clearly see what I pointed out. They were "moving the Amiga community to the DE platform" as Bill McEween said once and that's precisely and plan anyway. No more AmigaDos commands no more anything of all the things the advanced Amiga users have learned throughout the years.

Even if AmigaOS was all trash legacy and some buch of Amiga users liked it, why did they announce the OS dead in 2000 if the 3rd parties continued it, THEY WOULD EVEN GAIN FROM THE LICENSES. This is simple fact!

And by the way, if you're going to tag evey critic towards the current AInc. as that "the other side", without checking the facts you're only showing how narrowminded you are. You just seem to be backing everything they do anyway, even when you don't have inside knowledge yourself. Even if you don't understand many things, the simple fact that many of the more knowledgeable users consider or switched to other "other alternatives" should ring a bell. People that rewritting Amiga to X86 like the AROS guys know very well what the advantages are and what a platform agnostic OS means. You seem to be trying to explaing something everybody already understands...
#36 samface
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