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[News] Pegasos OpenBSD futures & the CrunchboxANN.lu
Posted on 09-Nov-2003 04:05 GMT by greenboy19 comments
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Genesi announced that OpenBSD for the Pegasos PowerPC motherboard has now been integrated into the official OpenBSD source tree - which can be found at http://www.openbsd.org. This support, implemented by Dale Rahn, is based on the original Pegasos motherboard with support expected shortly for the currently available Pegasos II motherboard. IBM has awarded OpenBSD for the Pegasos the Ready for IBM Technology logo. OpenBSD, currently at release 3.4, is the worlds premiere Unix-style operating system for installations relying on strong security. Genesi will also be appearing at the ShopIP Security Solutions booth at the upcoming InfoSecurity 2003 event in New York City on December the 8th-11th. Genesi will have the Pegasos II running OpenBSD 3.4 on display.

Resellers will be pleased to know that Genesi's efforts at bringing more solutions like OpenBSD to the Pegasos platform will empower them to configure and sell more Pegasos-based platforms to more clients in their needed configurations. Pegasos has become one of the most scalable hardware platforms around - working as everything from a desktop computer to a secure server and more. The Pegasos will soon be available configured as the 'Crunchbox Pegasos' which can be sold to distributed network clients as a super firewall. At Amiwest the Crunchbox got put on the map for those of us who were there because the company president, John Johnson came especially to see the Pegasos, and he brought a rackmount Crunchbox with an x86 mobo, showing us how that could be replaced with a Pegasos.

For more information visit the Genesi corporate site at http://www.genesi.lu - the Pegasos site at http://www.pegasosppc.com - and the OpenBSD Pegasos site at http://odc.pegasosppc.com.
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