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[News] Genesi evaluating interest in Rebol for Pegasos SDKANN.lu
Posted on 09-Nov-2003 15:36 GMT by Martin 'Senex' Heine78 comments
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Genesi has begun discussions with REBOL to integrate portions of REBOL into a free developer package for the MorphOS Developer Connection - or maybe even a full REBOL package for a "Pegasos SDK" covering all supported operating systems on Genesi's hardware. At MorphOS-News.de Genesi invites everyone to a brainstorming about interest in and advantages of REBOL's integration into MorphOS. MorphOS-News.de reports:

"Genesi has begun discussions with REBOL to integrate portions of REBOL into a free developer package for the MorphOS Developer Connection. Genesi would pay REBOL a license fee for such a package and may bundle REBOL with the MorphOS SDK. The Corporate REBOL site can be found here.

All interested in such an arrangement, please express your interest here on this thread. Please be specific about your interest and the advantages you can see in the integration of REBOL into the next generation of MorphOS."
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