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Posted on 13-Nov-2003 17:44 GMT by PEDRO CARRILLO (Edited on 2003-11-13 19:09:11 GMT by Christophe Decanini)40 comments
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A new synthesizer sequenzer will be out for the Amiga soon, maybe a MorphOS version will be released also. See the screenshot. SUPPORT FOR 202 303 808 809 SOUND SAMPLERS
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Posted by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz on 14-Nov-2003 05:09 GMT
Since all we have to go on is the UI, here's some tips/first impressions:

-Aigh, virtual knobs. If you have one piece of equipment in mind, preserving the layout is useful for those familiar... I don't really know the stuff in question, anyway. But if you dig the 'look,' might I suggest adding slider controls along to the sides or top/bottom of the knobs?

-In turn, (again, toggle-able, sure) hotkey labels on each control for users trying to pick up on using it from the keyboard (or AmigaInput devices?) in realtime would be nice. How many actual musicians want to fool with a mouse on stage? ;)

There should probably be a standard for AmigaInput-related labels (like, how do you refer to "button event 1" vs. "the numeral key 1" or whatever in shorthand small enough to self-document an onscreen widget/gadget), but I dunno much about how the system really works yet.

-On the knob controls, it might pay to ditch some of that blur effect, and make each index mark respond as a preset. They're drawn fat enough to make reasonable mouse targets, I guess.


More aesthetically, but maybe still relating to usability, a common problem with... enh, a lot of software... is that it comes off looking *too* clean; we're so used to branding slapped on everything that an aesthetically simple interface looks too smooth... like if you grabbed a can of cola painted flat red. In this case, the typeface kinda does that, in combination with the simple blue highlight effect on the buttons and everything else. That's something we should learn to live with, to a degree (versus, say, Apple developers rushing to follow the fashion of the year re: pinstripes, no pinstripes, Aqua, Metal, ...), but what variety is offered is sort of misguided... the gradient on the 'display' in the middle makes it look more like a metal plate versus a display you should be watching for status info and so forth... the labels actually have higher contrast than the 'information screen' that you should presumably be able to notice and comprehend quickly. (Labels... Ideally you use them as an assist, and hope 'muscle memory' can take over. There's no 'muscle memory' for status information.)
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