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[Events] RJ Mical and Pegasos in HelsinkiANN.lu
Posted on 14-Nov-2003 14:23 GMT by -16 comments
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Pictures from the Pegasos demonstration today with RJ Mical, the creator of AmigaOS' Intuition, in Helsinki, Finland courtesy of the Finnish Amiga Users Group.
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RJ Mical and Pegasos in Helsinki : Comment 13 of 16ANN.lu
Posted by itix on 15-Nov-2003 00:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Joe "Floid" Kanowitz):
Joe:I was there and I dont think RJ is giving a preference for any system just because it does implement AmigaOS API compatibility. He was asking lot of questions of which works and which doesnt, how is MMU utilized, how things work, what software there is and so on. Regarding OS4 there werent a single word about it. All references were made to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. The operating systems that rule the world today. Justifying which is better, OS4 or MOS, is just waste of time. The whole appointment was (mainly) just only technical discussion.
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