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[Events] RJ Mical and Pegasos in HelsinkiANN.lu
Posted on 14-Nov-2003 14:23 GMT by -16 comments
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Pictures from the Pegasos demonstration today with RJ Mical, the creator of AmigaOS' Intuition, in Helsinki, Finland courtesy of the Finnish Amiga Users Group.
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RJ Mical and Pegasos in Helsinki : Comment 16 of 16ANN.lu
Posted by Nate Downes on 16-Nov-2003 22:54 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (Casey R Williams):
It is untrue too that their competitors were loosing money on their consoles either. I have Atari's cost sheet for the Jaguar here, the $199 Jaguar cost them only $87 to manufacture once R&D costs were recouped. That is why they were able to drop prices to $149 so rapidly once the Playstation arrived. Then to $99 a unit, but by that point the cost to manufacture had diminished even more, to only $43 a unit.

The first accusation of a company loosing money on a console sale was during this era. It was made by Atari actually, against the Playstation. It was also groundless, but the urban legend has persisted since. I believe that the first console to actually loose money per unit sold is the X-Box.
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