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[Files] UAE/Linux finally improvedANN.lu
Posted on 21-Nov-2003 11:59 GMT by Lewis Mistreated25 comments
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As pointed out by AmigArt, Richard Drummond (of AmigaFormat fame) has updated the Linux version of UAE to match the very latest WinUAE.
Check out the ppc versions for the Debian distro running on your A1, Peggy or Blizz/CyberPPC!
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Comment 22Richard Drummond24-Nov-2003 07:28 GMT
Comment 23Richard Drummond24-Nov-2003 07:32 GMT
Comment 24Richard Drummond24-Nov-2003 07:39 GMT
Comment 25Kolbjørn Barmen24-Nov-2003 09:15 GMT
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