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[News] New product: IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle ProANN.lu
Posted on 12-Dec-2003 18:48 GMT by Felix Schwarz22 comments
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As a special gift to our customers, IOSPIRIT are - for the first time - offering a bundle with all our graphics programs at an especially attractive price of only 99 EUR (you save 40%, more than 60 EUR).

The "IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle Pro" contains the respectively latest, full versions of fxPAINT 2.0, fxSCAN 4.0 and VHI Studio 6.0

The bundle is only available as 3 CD-set and only as long as stock lasts.

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New product: IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle Pro : Comment 12 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 13-Dec-2003 16:21 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (StAn):
OK, I tried the demo.

I couldn't find an icon for cutting a brush from the image, which is the most basic paint operation, IMO.

I couldn't see any way to set up or control image layers (even 3 layers, as in TVPaint, is useful).

It uses the Photogenics method of painting with one button and unpainting with the other, which is OK until you select a new colour and everything you did recently changes colour. (Unless you remembered to Fix it.)

The palette file is in an undocumented binary format, which makes creation of new palette files impossible. It would be better to use the same format as Pagestream (an ASCII format which is easy to edit and convert to from other palette lists).

There is a mass conversion utility.

It looks nice and seems responsive (on Amithlon). It opens several images at a time (Perfect Paint only does one). It does not insist on using a swap file like Art Effect.

The Demo limitations are quite tight.

It crashed when I selected "FX Video" from the menu.

No perspective, no animbrushes (these are used in still painting too). Text is done in a modal requester, one line at a time (compare Personal Paint, which has multiline text with choice of justification, and animated colour fonts).

The emphasis is very much on image processing and "effects" rather than painting. However, graphics tablets are supported, including pressure.

I think version 4 will be good, but IMO it is hard to justify paying for this version when Perfect Paint and Personal Paint and TVPaint are free.

The above is the result of a short test of the demo. Maybe somebody who is using the program regularly would care to comment? I may have been unfair.
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