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[Web] German review of Mac version of Gorky17 (Hyperion)ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Dec-2003 21:44 GMT by wicked21 comments
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Sadly it's only in german, but very interesting. I can only hope we don't have to draw conclusions out of this for OS4 development. :-(


and here the babelfish translation (german->english)
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German review of Mac version of Gorky17 (Hyperion) : Comment 11 of 21ANN.lu
Posted by ManicSN on 19-Dec-2003 08:47 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Olegil):
@Amon_Re & Olegil

Gorky17 MacOS port was made by Steffen Häuser of Hyperion. Apparently he is very proud of his work.

See http://www.amigafuture.de/interactive/interview/steffenchatlog.php
Steffen Häuser: "21:40:37 MagicSN Und Gorky fuer MacOS (fuer e.p.i.c)."

And http://www.amiga-news.de/en/news/AN-2003-02-00202-EN.html
Ben Hermans: "During the OS4 development cycle we also ported two Mac games (Nobody Lives Forever and Gorky 17), which brought in revenue."

I wonder if the quality stays the same with Steffen's OS4 projects?
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