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Posted on 27-Dec-2003 11:32 GMT by Richi14 comments
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Hi here you can find the lastest (0.21) version of SimpleMail: http://simplemail.sourceforge.net/index.php Among the others Os4 support added!
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New version of Simplemail! : Comment 13 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by Kulwant Bhogal on 29-Dec-2003 23:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Richi):
> I was thinking back to your comment so i read the recent changelog of Yam,
> and i have to say that Langner has made so many bug fix that i think you
> cannot blame him of nothing.
> I think that the bug you mentioned is very hard to track down.
> Bytheway here you can find the LATEST version of YamDev 060:
> http://amiga.sourceforge.net/nonunix.htm
> Give him a chance.

Don't get me wrong, I used to like YAM and I was a user for years, but at some point the crash on Reply bug got introduced. I mentioned it every now and again on the ML and other users would confirm the existance of the bug, but Jens replied once to all my posts and basically said he had been unable to reproduce it and closed the bug off - never to be mentioned again despite reminders that it hadn't really been fixed. I too trawled through the changelogs and found a reference loosely related to a temporary files fix (to do with naming if I recall correctly) but this was not the infinite loop on reply bug (to state the problem correctly).

This is what would happen. You would read a mail and decide to reply. Sometimes the reply function would work as expected. Othertimes and this was quite random, YAM would go into an infinite loop appending line after line of some text (quotes of original mail text IIRC) to the temporary edit file (forget what it used be called now) until the partition holding the YAM temp folder filled up (if you left it running long enough). The only way out would be to reboot. And then you get a validate partition wait, and then you could restart all your other programs you was using and maybe try to reply to your message again if you felt brave enough. If it happened again you just grit your teeth and went through all that again and sometimes it just worked - so it was not message specific. After a while you learnt that the only surefire way of replying to a message without the threat of the bug striking was to copy the original text to the clipboard, create a new message, paste in the original text, manually put in the >'s to show you were quoting, and then type your reply and send it. Hardly elegant and user friendly. Can you blame me for switching as soon as a viable alternative came around? And despite Jens' efforts (which are no doubt considerable) the only way I will consider him for my good books is if he manages to findthe bug that causes this behaviour and fixes it. Until then I will see him as somewhat of an amateur.


#14 Kulwant Bhogal
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Comment 14Kulwant Bhogal29-Dec-2003 23:21 GMT
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