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[Files] New version of Simplemail!ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Dec-2003 11:32 GMT by Richi14 comments
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Hi here you can find the lastest (0.21) version of SimpleMail: http://simplemail.sourceforge.net/index.php Among the others Os4 support added!
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Comment 1hooligan/dcsRegistered user27-Dec-2003 17:18 GMT
Comment 2Sigbjørn Skjæret27-Dec-2003 17:36 GMT
Comment 3Richi27-Dec-2003 18:34 GMT
Comment 4Kulwant Bhogal28-Dec-2003 11:42 GMT
Comment 5Richi28-Dec-2003 12:16 GMT
Comment 6Stefan Burström28-Dec-2003 19:58 GMT
Comment 7Bernd Gollesch28-Dec-2003 21:29 GMT
Comment 8Richi29-Dec-2003 10:13 GMT
Comment 9dslcc29-Dec-2003 17:55 GMT
Comment 10Richi29-Dec-2003 18:19 GMT
Comment 11dslcc29-Dec-2003 18:57 GMT
Comment 12Kulwant Bhogal29-Dec-2003 22:54 GMT
Comment 13Kulwant Bhogal29-Dec-2003 23:15 GMT
New version of Simplemail! : Comment 14 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by Kulwant Bhogal on 29-Dec-2003 23:21 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Kulwant Bhogal):
Sorry, I should have said, the last version of YAM I used was 2.3 and that still had the bug, after I switched to SimpleMail I never used YAM properly again. So if the bug really did get fixed after I stopped using it, then I take back the things I said above, but I am still on the YAM ML and I have occasionally had a peek at what is going on in YAM world and I haven't been inspired enough to want to switch back.

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