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[Web] Vote now: Unwort 2003ANN.lu
Posted on 09-Jan-2004 12:40 GMT by amiga-news.de23 comments
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Vote for the Amiga-Unwort (bad, unwanted word) of the year 2003 at amiga-news.de!
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Comment 1Seehund09-Jan-2004 12:29 GMT
Comment 2Matt ParsonsRegistered user09-Jan-2004 12:42 GMT
Comment 3hippie200009-Jan-2004 12:59 GMT
Comment 4Gregg09-Jan-2004 13:15 GMT
Vote now: Unwort 2003 : Comment 5 of 23ANN.lu
Posted by Matt Parsons (Registered user) on 09-Jan-2004 13:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (hippie2000):
Sounds like a "Pig in a poke". (I always like to throw in some 13th century English Slang Phrases) ;)
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Comment 6Alan LM Buxey09-Jan-2004 14:55 GMT
Comment 7Ronald St-Maurice09-Jan-2004 16:00 GMT
Comment 8XraalE09-Jan-2004 21:02 GMT
Comment 9XraalE09-Jan-2004 21:03 GMT
Comment 10Anonymous10-Jan-2004 08:24 GMT
Comment 11Daniel Miller10-Jan-2004 09:52 GMT
Comment 12Daniel Miller10-Jan-2004 10:20 GMT
Comment 13Jupp310-Jan-2004 10:33 GMT
Comment 14Rob10-Jan-2004 15:13 GMT
Comment 15Chain|Q10-Jan-2004 22:57 GMT
Comment 16Rob "I'll be a red troll if you'll be a blue troll11-Jan-2004 00:27 GMT
Comment 17samface11-Jan-2004 00:33 GMT
Comment 18Rob11-Jan-2004 00:42 GMT
Comment 19samface11-Jan-2004 01:22 GMT
Comment 20Christian KempRegistered user11-Jan-2004 03:35 GMT
Comment 21Auaah11-Jan-2004 06:58 GMT
Comment 22itix11-Jan-2004 12:18 GMT
Comment 23Amon_ReRegistered user11-Jan-2004 12:20 GMT
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