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[Files] LAME 3.95.1 for MorphOSANN.lu
Posted on 17-Jan-2004 14:34 GMT by tokai7 comments
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LAME is a highquality and ultrafast MP3 encoder released under the LGPL.

The new 3.95.1 recompile for MorphOS uses libnix, so no need for ixemul.library, but you have now take care for enough stack (also see readme).

Normaly you could build the binary from source tarball very easily yourself but some of you may not have the time (or are too lazy) to startup GCC. :-)

So, get it from here. Hope you'll have some use for it.
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Comment 1Richi17-Jan-2004 14:03 GMT
Comment 2tokaiRegistered user17-Jan-2004 20:40 GMT
Comment 3Kelly Samel18-Jan-2004 12:13 GMT
LAME 3.95.1 for MorphOS : Comment 4 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by MarK on 19-Jan-2004 07:46 GMT
Can we expect AltiVec support for G4 Pegasoses??? Such a optimization would be reall cool ;)
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Comment 5pug19-Jan-2004 08:23 GMT
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