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Posted on 25-Jan-2004 11:54 GMT by Richi40 comments
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Here you can find the latest version of Jamiga: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jamiga The latest version is alpha 0.0.1 Notes: The first JAmiga Release in 2004. This one features improved stability, some JITting and it allows the first AWT Frame to open :) Don't expect other AWT Apps to run just yet!
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Comment 1Repoman25-Jan-2004 11:17 GMT
Comment 2Kid X25-Jan-2004 12:19 GMT
Comment 3Richi25-Jan-2004 12:45 GMT
Comment 4Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user25-Jan-2004 13:11 GMT
Comment 5Troels E25-Jan-2004 13:51 GMT
Comment 6Don CoxRegistered user25-Jan-2004 15:45 GMT
Comment 7sutro25-Jan-2004 16:34 GMT
Comment 8Anonymous25-Jan-2004 16:46 GMT
Comment 9Soundwave25-Jan-2004 16:55 GMT
Comment 10Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user25-Jan-2004 18:40 GMT
Comment 11smithy25-Jan-2004 19:55 GMT
Comment 12Anonymous25-Jan-2004 21:45 GMT
Comment 13Richi25-Jan-2004 22:24 GMT
Comment 14James Carroll26-Jan-2004 05:25 GMT
Comment 15anon26-Jan-2004 05:46 GMT
Comment 16Jupp326-Jan-2004 07:39 GMT
Comment 17Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user26-Jan-2004 07:47 GMT
Comment 18Deniil 71526-Jan-2004 08:57 GMT
Comment 19Anonymous26-Jan-2004 09:16 GMT
Comment 20Don CoxRegistered user26-Jan-2004 09:22 GMT
Comment 21Christophe DecaniniRegistered user26-Jan-2004 13:07 GMT
Comment 22takemehomegrandmaRegistered user26-Jan-2004 13:21 GMT
Comment 23Anonymous26-Jan-2004 13:57 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous26-Jan-2004 14:29 GMT
Comment 25Kid X26-Jan-2004 14:46 GMT
Comment 26Anonymous26-Jan-2004 14:53 GMT
Comment 27Big Red Troll26-Jan-2004 15:17 GMT
Comment 28Gregg26-Jan-2004 15:50 GMT
Comment 29Ed26-Jan-2004 16:32 GMT
Comment 30Big Red Troll26-Jan-2004 17:03 GMT
Comment 31Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user26-Jan-2004 17:22 GMT
Comment 32Anonymous26-Jan-2004 19:36 GMT
Comment 33Christophe DecaniniRegistered user26-Jan-2004 19:56 GMT
Comment 34Felix26-Jan-2004 21:11 GMT
Comment 35John26-Jan-2004 21:27 GMT
Comment 36James Carroll27-Jan-2004 02:52 GMT
Comment 37Gregg27-Jan-2004 16:06 GMT
Comment 38Felix27-Jan-2004 16:46 GMT
Comment 39FWDtoday27-Jan-2004 20:52 GMT
Comment 40anon29-Jan-2004 03:27 GMT
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