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[Events] Swedish Atariclub (SAK) to show at AmiGBG 2004!ANN.lu
Posted on 31-Jan-2004 18:13 GMT by Darth_X19 comments
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Great news.. Swedish Atariclub (SAK) to show at AmiGBG 2004! It's nice to see such diversity at this trade show! Swedish Atariclub (SAK) is a non-profit usergroup for people interested in the Atari line of computers. SAK has members from entire Sweden. At AmiGBG 2004, SAK will show us different Atari computers with peripherals as e.g. a 68060 accelerator.

Maybe there will be some discussion on developing an Atari system based on the Pegasos. ;)
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Comment 2Anonymous31-Jan-2004 17:28 GMT
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Comment 13Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user01-Feb-2004 08:15 GMT
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