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[Events] OS4 BETA comes to NewcastleANN.lu
Posted on 01-Feb-2004 13:41 GMT by Bobson (Rob WIllie)28 comments
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OS4 BETA comes to the North of England, 21st Feb. OS4 on Tour Newcastle All Amigans in Scotland and the North of England who could not make it South - you now get to see OS 4. OS 4 comes to Newcastle!!! The first showing in the North of England. 21st Febuary, 2004, Chillingham Arms Newcastle, Doors open at 12.30pm, Admission Free. Demonstrating AmigaOS4 BETA. A number of enhancements have been added since AOS4 Alpha! This is the second showing of OS4 Beta in the WORLD! Alan Redhouse, from Eyetech will be attending. The Following has also been confirmed: OS 4 Beta on the AmigaOne Micro AmigaOne Total Amiga Magazine Everyone Welcome! :-)
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