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[News] OpenBSD support for Pegasos IIANN.lu
Posted on 07-Feb-2004 16:04 GMT by takemehomegrandma3 comments
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OpenBSD reports that the Pegasos II and Pegasos I are now supported.


The OpenBSD/pegasos port was started early 2003 when Genesi contacted Dale Rahn to port OpenBSD to their newly released motherboard. After several months of hiatus, the port was revived and eventually made public.

Pegasos II support was added early 2004.

Current status:
Both Pegasos I and Pegasos II boards are supported. However, the Pegasos II gigabit networking interface is not supported yet.

The boards can be used with either vga (AGP or PCI) graphics console, or with a serial console. The latter can be selected whether a vga card is present or missing, with firmware settings.

Projects (in no particular order):
Support the gigabit ethernet interface on Pegasos II.
Improve the port-specific documentation.

For more information about supported peripherals, links to installation files and installation instructions, follow this link:


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