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[News] First version of Arjuna, new Windows drivers for CatweaselANN.lu
Posted on 08-Feb-2004 01:39 GMT by Jens Schönfeld21 comments
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Arjuna is a modular, expandable solution to access floppy disks from many different systems. It supports the Catweasel Controller to read and write formats not compatible with the standard PC controller. Arjuna is written in C++ and uses Qt for it's GUI. The project by Christoph 'Doc Bacardi' Thelen now has it's own homepage and a mirror on our webspace. The first version 0.6beta is available for download there.

Arjuna is a project that reaches very far into the past, digging deep into almost forgotten knowledge about data storage. At the same time it focusses on the future as a universal tool for data restauration and conversion. Hoping to find a lot of developers to contribute floppy disk formats, Christoph is trying to make this a Sourceforge project.

The Windows version of Arjuna needs an updated driver for the Catweasel to work properly. Download this version here (86K, experimental).
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