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[Unmoderated] Hyperion to sue Epic for being a MorphOS obsessed companyANN.lu
Posted on 22-Feb-2004 22:55 GMT by spybot150 comments
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Hermans is going to sue Epic because he can't stand MorphOS See details. Here are some quotes from Hermans from a recent IRC chat:

"They'll reap what they've sowed. Buck really should learn how to use Google."
"Should have messed with us when they still had money to pay banner ads or the employees."
"ask Thomas Steiding from Epic."
"he has to appear in court for breach of contract."
"the port he approved for distribution and which lists him explictly as betatester? ;)"
"Epic is the MorphOS obsessed German gaming company"

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Hyperion to sue Epic for being a MorphOS obsessed company : Comment 119 of 150ANN.lu
Posted by gary_c on 23-Feb-2004 14:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 117 (samface):
I was merely concluding that Genesi won the case by schemingly taking advantage of Amiga Inc.'s inability to defend themselves. That's not speculations about what could have happened, that's an analysis of what did happen.

It's an incorrect analysis. Amiga, Inc. didn't lose the case "by default" because they didn't have legal representation in the final stages. This can never the basis for losing such a case under U.S. corporate law; the judge determines the outcome on the basis of the information presented to him by the two sides. Throughout most of the time the suit was being argued, Amiga, Inc. did have legal representation. A significant, and apparently sufficient, amount of information was presented to enable the judge to make a decision. He decided on the merits of the case. He is not permitted to decide on any other basis. The fact that Amiga, Inc. lost its lawyers toward the end was not a significant factor, apparently.

-- gary_c
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