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[Files] GEOS 64 and GEOS 128 V2.0 are now available for free downloadingANN.lu
Posted on 25-Feb-2004 12:07 GMT by takemehomegrandma9 comments
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GEOS, the "Graphical Environment Operating Systems" for the C64 and C128 computers are now available for FREE download! Even though they are still being sold (at a reduced price), you now also have the option to download it for free. If you choose to download it instead of buying it, you will obviously not get the original floppy disks nor the printed documentation.

As a user, you are perfectly welcome to download GEOS here and use it as much as you'd like. The only restrictions are you must not sell it or redistribute it in any form or fashion. The only way it may be redistributed is if you know someone who would like a copy but they have no way of downloading it here. In that case, you are allowed to download GEOS for that person, but you must not charge for the service nor may you charge for the disks you supply. This is to be a completely free service available only from this web site here at cmdrkey.com.

More information (and the files) can be found here: http://cmdrkey.com/cbm/geos/geos1.html

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