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Posted on 05-Mar-2004 22:27 GMT by Ilovebigbutts6 comments
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No its not the next "monthly news update" but a small notice about:
A Status Update is overdue, we know that already, no need to remind us ;-) In the meantime, let me announce an important fact: thanks to Paolo Besser, this month's edition of the best selling Italian PC game magazine, TGM, is shipping with a copy of AROS on its DVD, a review of AROS and a full blown tutorial which will guide you trough the process of installing AROS on an hard disk.
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Posted by Raffaele on 05-Mar-2004 22:15 GMT
To paraprhasing the words of Armstrong on the Moon...

It is both a big step for the Aros,


for the Amiga to be acknowledged as an still existing system,

usable on many platform, and not only usable, but also useful...

And that the concepts it leads:

- Powerful OS with semplicity of design, elegance in coding, multitasking, management and GUI, armonized structures and MAINLY still evolving,

- Compact code in kernel and programs,

- And over any other thing, in being an OS which leaves (with its semplicity) the user to control the computer and not vice-versa...

i.e. the computer (or the OS) which control the user...
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