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[News] New AROS Status UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 08-Mar-2004 22:03 GMT by Fabio Alemagna (Edited on 2004-03-09 14:11:32 GMT by Christophe Decanini)31 comments
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Finally it's here, the long awaited new status update about the development of AROS.

To know what has happened during the latest months in the AROS realm and what new features have been or are being implemented, go here, and watch the new screenshots here.

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New AROS Status Update : Comment 28 of 31ANN.lu
Posted by 3seas on 10-Mar-2004 23:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Anonymous):
" Someone please remind me why I should use MorphOS or keep waiting for HyperionOS, for hardware ranging from "expensive and underperforming" (peg2) to "expensive and then hideously pricegougingly overpriced, dysfunctional and antique" (teron)? "

Its really quite simple: MorphOS is a free OS that you get with the purchase of the Peg hardware.

Now Maybe You haven't noticed but it is beginning to look as though there is a shift going on towards PPC hardware, as I believe even MS is moving in that direction..

At any rate, I can't say much about AOS... whatever....or the A1....who really knows...

But AROS is being ported to teh Peg, so it should make for a good transition between the x86 and teh PPC hardware... and MorphOS ... well I don't know but I can guess there is some, perhaps enough similarities with AROS to be an easy transition of OSs....

I suspect MorphOS, being closed source may get some drivers and other such support of proprietary nature before AROS... as that does seem to be teh case or Linux vs. MS products.
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