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[Files] New Amithlon 1.29 update availableANN.lu
Posted on 11-Mar-2004 20:42 GMT by top (Edited on 2004-03-12 18:05:13 GMT by Christophe Decanini)73 comments
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the New update for Amithlon to run AmigaOS3.9 under PC hardware via Linux Drivers :

° Amithlon Kernel compatible Linux PCI drivers : PC network chipsets, PC sound chipsets

° Added new version of the XCat Utility (Thanks to Bernd Meyer)

° FIX: Somehow the name of the installed amithlon1_com.device was wrong!

Available for download in Aminet link file: Amithlon 1.29 update

Author: geit@gmx.de (Guido Mersmann)

Author: amithlon@amithlon.net (Bernd Meyer)
Author: support@vmc.de (Harald Frank, VMC)
Author: bvernoux@wanadoo.fr (Benjamin Vernoux, Titan)
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New Amithlon 1.29 update available : Comment 21 of 73ANN.lu
Posted by top on 12-Mar-2004 08:47 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Anonymous):
Amithlon is still developped and Improved EACH DAYS.
Several devloppers are working daily on support it.

see the amithlonopen@yahoogroups.com mailing list.
It is used daily by hundred of people that still have their classic Amiga or have their Amiga classic dead.

Amithlon allow AmigaOS3.X run on ANY PC hardware much faster then any current new Amiga PowerPC AmigaOS3.X. Well, and Cheaper.

All Amithlon users don't think that AmithlonOpen is in competition with AmigaOS4 or even Morphos...
Amithlon (like WinUAE/AmigaForEver et other UAE) are COMPLEMENTARY AmigaOS plateforme.
There, our favorite OS run fine, fast, secure and stable !!.

Amithlon (not like other AmigaOS UAE), can run Native X86 code under AmigaOS to get same speed as Linux X86 and Windows apps.

Amithlon is a fine way to let AmigaOS GROW TOO on another market like big the PC X86 market, where the potential interested users is
really enormous, if any official support from AmigaInc apperas in future.
AmigaOS classic can still grow on PC market and be a real competitor to others PC OS.

What AMithlonOpen developpers need is an official support of Amiga Inc (and why not Hyperion).
Some common work AOS4/AOS3X86/AOS3classic if still improved will allow a compatibily between these AmigaOSes.

The both AmigaOS AOS4 and AOSclassic can grow at the same time in terms of features.

Since some months the AMithlonOpen developpers has greatly improved the Amithlon features, the Amithlon Kernel and the Amithlon hability to use
tons of Linux drivers, that allow Amiga apps to support 90-95 % of the PC hardware.

Amithlon RUN ON ANY PC HARDWARE (accelerated or not) it run FAST.
Several AMithlon developpers are active and famous AMiga developpers.
Amithlon run as fast a Linux or a Windows, for same uses, and several times even faster!!.
AMITHLON support :
- Nvidia GeForce & Nforce2 GFX boards/Chipsets
- ATi GFX cards
- Matrox GFX cards
- S3 and Any other GFX cards in accelerated mode or not, but ALWAYS works !
- support for All via chipsets
- support for all USB 1.1/2.0
- support for 90 % of Ethernet pci cards accross "amithlon1_net.device" to use with Miami TCP/iP stack or other
- support for 90 % of Sound cards and sound chips via native X86 AC97/SBlaster drivers and Amithlon.audio AHI devices.
- support for 90 % of SCSi and UltraWideSCSI cards.
- support for any PS2 and USB mouse and keyboard and printer (need a TPrint driver compatible).

AmigaOS4 and AmigaOS classic/X86 can grow TOGETHER, they are not competitors, they are brothers OS,
2 GOOD commercial products for AmigaInc and Hyperion ON TWO DIFFERENT market are better then 1 product on 1 market.
#40 itix
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