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[Files] New YAM 2.5 dev for 68kANN.lu
Posted on 18-Mar-2004 03:00 GMT by gucio12 comments
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There's a new version of yam 2.5 dev on http://yam.boing.net

btw: ann.lu is broken on mozilla. please code real html!
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Comment 1the man in the shadows18-Mar-2004 04:45 GMT
Comment 2Christian KempRegistered user18-Mar-2004 05:23 GMT
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Comment 7Thomas W├╝rgler/PaganRegistered user18-Mar-2004 11:34 GMT
Comment 8iam18-Mar-2004 14:06 GMT
Comment 9lamer18-Mar-2004 14:38 GMT
New YAM 2.5 dev for 68k : Comment 10 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Tcheko on 18-Mar-2004 15:21 GMT


CK's html code is quite nice. There is not too much work to make it "real HTML", (IMO, this means nothing... HTML is messy. XHTML should be used nowdays.)
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Comment 11Sammy18-Mar-2004 23:30 GMT
Comment 12ikirRegistered user19-Mar-2004 09:12 GMT
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