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[News] Amiga vs Thendic Update: Genesi fights back!ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Mar-2004 18:34 GMT by samface (Edited on 2004-03-29 02:28:03 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)143 comments
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From http://www.mindrelease.net/amiga-thendic/#65:

REPLY in Support of Motion filed by Plaintiffs Genesi Sarl, Thendic Electronics Components re 49 MOTION to Modify the Order Granting Specific Performance, (LT, ) (Entered: 03/25/2004)


Richard Hughes, Attorney for "Thendic", accuses Bill McEwen of perjury, refering to Bill McEwen's deposition taken on August 14, 2003, nearly four months following the sale Amiga's OS system to Itec wherein he testifies that Amiga's assets included its Intellectual Property Rights to AmigaOS.

Bill Buck testifies as a person with "'a unique knowledge base regarding Amiga'", refering to the days of when he was the CEO of a company that was partnered with ESCOM to develop and promote The Amiga Operating System through a hardware platform, claiming that "'applications such as a web-browser, an MP3 player, and a mail client are application programs that adhere to an operating system just as Microsoft Outlook Express is an e-mail application that works with Windows'". Furthermore, he concludes that "'If the Amiga DE Operating System did not include an operating system and was touted as beeing only an "application" as Amiga now contends, it could not have been promised or discussed integration of Java, MP3 and mail client as stated in the ("Agreement")'".

Bill Buck claims that he was the one who suggested that the Amiga Operating system and the AmigaDE should be seperate enteties as an explanation to his "'Amiga OS is an operating system, DE is something different that makes alot of things work in other than Amiga operating system environments'" statement.

Bill Bucks states: "'I believe the mail attributed to 'Fleecy Moss' was and still is from Fleecy Moss"'.

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Amiga vs Thendic Update: Genesi fights back! : Comment 98 of 143ANN.lu
Posted by GregS on 29-Mar-2004 00:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 59 (Lando):
Perjury, i not likely at all in the case of Bill Mc's statement.

First the judge has already ruled out another OS besides DE being considered, the status of ownership of IP rights as assets is a mute question with no bearing on the case as such. Perjury only exists in what hgis put before the jury/bench in order to mislead it on issues. Hence, witnesses can say many things which may be proved false without it necessarily being a perjury. (Ie "Do you dye your hair?", "No" she says, but in fact she does -- unless hair colour was at issue it is not a perjury as such nor an attempt to mislead).

Second, the questions were about assets not ownership, in fact, many things can be an asset and possesed without being owned outright. Does Amiga Inc get royalities for use of the software -- it is an an asset precisely because they have delegated ownership. One might sell rights to distribute, change, etc, basically all the rights bar one or two (like the trademark name). Do they perhaps keep the soiurce code on the premises etc etc.

Third, no judge is going to pursue such a thing unless their is a reasonable chance of success. On answers about assets, all very general questions, none actually about the ownership of otherwise there is no such grounds for such belief.

This talk of perjury is just a libel, the evidence does not make it certian that the information is either false or misleading, but the evidence shows very clearly there is no relationshuip to misleading the court on the issues before it.

These latest documents by Thendic, well to put it politly are not very well drafted -- they answer none of Amiga's submission, make no legal points that I can make out, they are IMHO a joke. The small possibly inconsistency of Bill Mc's answers to one question, is all. Small Possible Inconsistencies do not a perjury make.

Greg Schofield
#100 gary_c
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