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Posted on 31-Mar-2004 02:34 GMT by Rich Woods26 comments
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Amiwest 2004 Is Officially Announced! Welcome, one and all.

To AMIWest2004

Here is the text of the first release. We are in gear and on track.



Announcing AmiWest 2004!

AmiWest 2004 is rolling! While many others have come and gone, AmiWest is still rolling and in its seventh year. The AmiWest committee is proud to announce we are again hosting this year's show in Sacramento, California, at the Inn at the Oaks, a member of the Choice Hotel group. This venue has been completely remodeled upscale to the next level in service and accomodations. Amazingly, the rates are LOWER THAN LAST YEAR and the hotel management much more accomodating, according to our SACC Vice President for AmiWest 2004 operations. The dates are July 24th and 25th, 2004.

This year's theme is "Back to the Roots" since our newly remodeled and upscale venue is our original AmiWest location morphed into a 5-star facility. AmiWest is in it's seventh year and is the only Amiga show produced on the West Coast of the United States. The show has proved very popular for Amiga enthusiasts in the Western United States as well as attracting attenders and exhibitors world-wide.

Space is available for rent to companies, clubs, organizations, and individuals producing Amiga related products and services as well as exhibiting items of interest to Amigans.

If you know of any vendors/suppliers/anything AMIGA-related that you think belongs at this show, let us know and we will contact them. Alternatively, point them to our webpage at www.sacc.org/amiwest.

This weekend event will again showcase the progress that IS the Amiga Community. The "roots" of the Amiga community are still growing and still healthy. We welcome all who will attend in peace and understanding. Where the show is going to be!

AmiWest 2004 will be at the

Inn at the Oaks

2600 Auburn Blvd.

Sacramento California 95821

Reservations Phone 1-916-487-7600 (toll-free line to be announced later) and by snail-mail at the above address.

Please watch our website at www.sacc.org/amiwest for continuing news and information regarding AmiWest 2004. We are on target for another improved show! See you there!


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