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[Unmoderated] Genesi integrates Bill McEwen into Pegasos!ANN.lu
Posted on 01-Apr-2004 15:55 GMT by anonymous9 comments
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Ravensdale, WA - 8:00 am Pacific Time, April 1, 2004 - Amiga, Inc. announced today that it has sold Bill McEwen to Genesi SARL allowing Amiga, Inc to focus on earning money instead of spending it paying off employees.

On April 23, 2003 Amiga entered into an Agreement with Itec LLC, later acquired by KMOS, Inc. for the transfer and sale of all of Amiga's right, title, source code, and all versions, from the "Classic Amiga Operating System" through AmigaOS 4.0 and all subsequent versions to KMOS, Inc.

"We sold all our Amiga assets" said Randal Hughes "but we had this one leftover from the sale of Amiga... Bill McEwen himself!"

"YEEHAW!!!" exclaimed the esctatic Bill McEwen "I finally have found a new home and won't go to jail after all! I want to thank Bill buck for his generosity and patience, we will now merge all of Amiga Inc's former debts with Genesi to create a SUPERDEBT machine YEEEEEEEEHAW! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"We welcome the acquisition of Bill McEwen to Genesi. Together with MorphOS, Pegasos, and now our secret weapon Bill McEwen, Hyperion doesn't stand a chance! " said Bill Buck, CEO of Genesi.

Garry Hare, KMOS' CEO, said "Whew... I can't beleive we just pulled off what we did. We acquired Amiga IP related to OS4 dirt cheap, won the lawsuit, lost Bill McEwen, and we don't have to pay any of the former Amiga debts or employees!!!!!"
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