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Posted on 10-Apr-2004 00:29 GMT by The CAPS Team16 comments
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50 more games preserved. Exhibiting at the Classic Gaming Expo UK in July, and an XML-based offline games database is now available. See site for more details: http://www.caps-project.org
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Comment 1Wayne Dresing, PhD.10-Apr-2004 21:08 GMT
Comment 2fiath10-Apr-2004 21:28 GMT
Comment 3Gob11-Apr-2004 03:38 GMT
Comment 4Someone Somewhere11-Apr-2004 10:28 GMT
Comment 5Kid X11-Apr-2004 16:23 GMT
Comment 6fiath11-Apr-2004 19:13 GMT
Comment 7Jerry GibbonsRegistered user12-Apr-2004 09:34 GMT
Comment 8Kid X12-Apr-2004 09:57 GMT
Comment 9Fiath12-Apr-2004 10:02 GMT
Comment 10Fiath12-Apr-2004 10:17 GMT
Comment 11Fiath12-Apr-2004 10:21 GMT
Comment 12Kid X12-Apr-2004 11:33 GMT
Comment 13Fiath12-Apr-2004 13:14 GMT
Comment 14Fiath12-Apr-2004 13:27 GMT
Comment 15Kid X12-Apr-2004 17:33 GMT
Comment 16Meehee Moohey12-Apr-2004 23:30 GMT
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