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Posted on 18-Apr-2004 18:49 GMT by z57 comments
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At Breakpoint 2004 (April 8-10), the Amiga platform made a remarkable comeback in the demoscene. The first batch of stunning releases has now been added to the Amiga Demoscene Archive The following productions were added:
- Ikanim / Loonies (Aga, 68k, winner of the 4k intro competition)
- Respirator Stories / Ephidrena (Aga, 68k, 3rd place in the demo competition)
- Silkcut / The Black Lotus (Aga, 68k, 1st place in the demo competition)
- Heartcore / IRIS (Aga, 68k, 4th place in the demo competition).

82 screenshots were added from these 4 fantastic productions.
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Comment 1hooligan/dcsRegistered user18-Apr-2004 17:49 GMT
Comment 2Lando18-Apr-2004 19:07 GMT
A.D.A: The Amiga demoscene is back! : Comment 3 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 18-Apr-2004 19:56 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Lando):
Yeah, I was thinking about buying one of those few brand new A1200
boards that still are for sale. They are quite cheap now, and great if
you want to run those hardware banging games and demos on "the real
thing". :)

But then I would only end up in spending a fortune in getting it up on
par with the Pegasos. Only to get it equippted with some
faster processor and fastmem, and networked would cost about the same
as a new computer, and then I would just want to buy a tower case for
it, PC keyboard adaptor, and add some PCI slots, graphic card and
audio card, usb card, and wow, I would have spent a fortune!
#6 StAn
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Comment 4Hagge18-Apr-2004 23:50 GMT
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