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Posted on 19-Apr-2004 20:57 GMT by SWAUG SUPPORT19 comments
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It's been a while, but here is another SWAUG.org.uk Support Tutorial.

Brian Hoskins of SWAUG has produced a tutorial on overclocking the BlizzardPPC.

If you have soldering skills and wanted to push your Amiga, have a look at this!

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SWAUG TUTORIAL: Overclocking the BlizzardPPC : Comment 16 of 19ANN.lu
Posted by Ole-Egil on 22-Apr-2004 06:29 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (StormLord):
Like I said, be careful to remove ALL the old solder from the pads before soldering on the new CPU, and dunk it in vast amounts of liquid flux... If you need more solder on it, use solder paste applied with a syringe.

We're talking 1.27mm pitch here, that's seriously huge compared to other SMD components, so BGA really does have quite a bit of an advantage...

Good luck ;-)

oh, and this SHOULD be pin-compatible as well, and should withstand a bit of overclocking. It's also significantly faster than the 603 at the same speed: http://w2.pcsurplusonline.com/viewprod.cfm?ID=324

However, it's a 2V core (max 2.8) so might need something extra...
#17 StormLord
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