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Posted on 19-Apr-2004 20:57 GMT by SWAUG SUPPORT19 comments
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It's been a while, but here is another SWAUG.org.uk Support Tutorial.

Brian Hoskins of SWAUG has produced a tutorial on overclocking the BlizzardPPC.

If you have soldering skills and wanted to push your Amiga, have a look at this!

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SWAUG TUTORIAL: Overclocking the BlizzardPPC : Comment 17 of 19ANN.lu
Posted by StormLord on 22-Apr-2004 08:58 GMT
In reply to Comment 16 (Ole-Egil):
to go for an 604 chip I belive is a little bit uknown for me because from the hardware docs motorola send me 604 isn't pin and phase combatible IIRC... the experiment was done 3-4 years ago and is very difficult for me to remember. Also 604e has 64bit memory bus thats different from 603 and 740 that have 32bit, again all this is as far as I can remember I may be wrong , VERY wrong. My ppc now is an 160 (e) chip overclocked at 227.5 Mhz with good results. I find it more easy (cause I don't have the patient and time anymore) to go for 300Mhz 603 thats EXACTLY the same chip with same voltages etc. and overclockit as far as it goes, or get an 740 again that the first experiment shows that at least booted and I belive that the problem was to the soldering-sitting of the chip to the BGA pins.
Another thought is trying to change my 040/25 OCed at 32.5 with an 060. and actualy now I belive thats a more interesting because then I could watch those awesome 060 demos ;-)
But the common problem is finding the chips.
If I find the chips either 603@300,ppc740 and 060 I will start a site with anything I do about the project going , and after the project is finished (if succed) I will try to find a "safe" way of doing it and I will write a tutorial (but beware that will be for hard geeks who try to destroy their board and not for the pleasure of overclockers) ;-)
Anyone that can help me in any way (informations, finding chips, skills at soldering bga , electronic knowledge to research hardware docs etc...) will be very appriciated !!!!
Lets start a community Hardware project ;-)
#18 Ole-Egil
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