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Posted on 19-Apr-2004 20:57 GMT by SWAUG SUPPORT19 comments
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It's been a while, but here is another SWAUG.org.uk Support Tutorial.

Brian Hoskins of SWAUG has produced a tutorial on overclocking the BlizzardPPC.

If you have soldering skills and wanted to push your Amiga, have a look at this!

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SWAUG TUTORIAL: Overclocking the BlizzardPPC : Comment 3 of 19ANN.lu
Posted by Chain|Q on 20-Apr-2004 11:21 GMT
Quote from the page: "There has also been reports of a 300Mhz clocked PPC, but these are also not confirmed."

Here in Hungary there is a BPPC card, which has a 350Mhz clocked 603e, and 060/60, all with SCSI! But that card really in the "extreme" cathegory, since the owner replaced the 603e with a 300Mhz version. (The fastest one with the same voltage the BPPC has.) The replacement was made by a local company capable of replacing SMD parts. I can imagine that the some of the standard 240Mhz BPPC can reach 300Mhz when operated in a good environment (good cooling, good mainboard, _very_ stable power supply).

About the 060 clocking, i once tried my old CSMKII which operated very stable at 66Mhz with a 83Mhz crystal, but i had no luck. The machine started to boot, but it crashed when loading setpatch. I guess the MMU or the FPU couldn't keep up with that speed.

Anyway, the page is very well done, a recommended reading, even for people doesn't plan to overclock his cards, so ongratulations.
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