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Posted on 26-Apr-2004 13:02 GMT by SWAUG REVIEWS31 comments
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We were approached by a non-Amiga company, USB-Pendrive.co.uk to test the USB Bar for a number of weeks on our Amigas.

The result is this review.
Check it out if you fancy an alternative to ancient floppy disks on your Amiga.

Our website is also in the process of getting a complete facelift and overhaul- we hope you like the changes that have been made.

The review link can be found at www.swaug.org.uk

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Comment 6Kolbjørn Barmen26-Apr-2004 14:21 GMT
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Comment 10Patrick White26-Apr-2004 17:35 GMT
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Comment 17Rafo27-Apr-2004 03:27 GMT
Comment 18koan27-Apr-2004 06:08 GMT
Comment 19EyeAm27-Apr-2004 06:38 GMT
Comment 20Rich Woods27-Apr-2004 07:01 GMT
Comment 21Ronald St-Maurice27-Apr-2004 09:06 GMT
Comment 22Anonymous27-Apr-2004 10:44 GMT
Comment 23Anonymous27-Apr-2004 10:44 GMT
Comment 24Darrin27-Apr-2004 10:47 GMT
Comment 25Anonymous27-Apr-2004 10:47 GMT
Comment 26Darrin27-Apr-2004 10:49 GMT
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