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[News] PegXMAC Available for Pegasos2!ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Apr-2004 16:43 GMT by Eva28 comments
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PegXMac is a special LiveCd for Pegasos 2 capable to boot (without any hd requiring) MacOnLinux 0.9.3 (the latest stable version)! Download it now! Based on Debian 3, the LiveCd is avaiable from a specified ftp site for the simbolic 1E (1$) price, necessary to support the download bandwitch :D It's full autosensitive (Firewire support too!) and really easy to use due it's nature of LiveCd. New site will be opened soon to supply the bandwitch overusing on Geocities. In the meantime, if you are, lucky: http://www.morphzone.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=2052&forum=16&start=0&viewmode=flat&order=0
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Comment 1Eva27-Apr-2004 14:45 GMT
Comment 2pegxlin DEV27-Apr-2004 17:10 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous27-Apr-2004 17:47 GMT
Comment 4pegxlin DEV27-Apr-2004 19:31 GMT
Comment 5Lizard27-Apr-2004 19:35 GMT
Comment 6Rich Woods27-Apr-2004 23:01 GMT
Comment 7MIKE27-Apr-2004 23:20 GMT
Comment 8Anonymous28-Apr-2004 01:36 GMT
Comment 9Crumb // AATRegistered user28-Apr-2004 04:53 GMT
Comment 10gary_c28-Apr-2004 06:04 GMT
Comment 11Crumb // AATRegistered user28-Apr-2004 09:21 GMT
Comment 12Elwood28-Apr-2004 09:33 GMT
Comment 13Christophe DecaniniRegistered user28-Apr-2004 10:28 GMT
Comment 14damn28-Apr-2004 10:40 GMT
Comment 15hgm28-Apr-2004 11:14 GMT
Comment 16Agima28-Apr-2004 11:57 GMT
Comment 17Anonymous28-Apr-2004 12:35 GMT
Comment 18Seehund28-Apr-2004 12:58 GMT
Comment 19ikirRegistered user28-Apr-2004 16:28 GMT
Comment 20Damien28-Apr-2004 17:12 GMT
Comment 21serge28-Apr-2004 17:31 GMT
Comment 22pegxlin DEV28-Apr-2004 18:46 GMT
Comment 23Eva29-Apr-2004 05:08 GMT
Comment 24Anonymous29-Apr-2004 06:18 GMT
Comment 25Anonymous29-Apr-2004 06:52 GMT
Comment 26PEgXLin DEV29-Apr-2004 07:25 GMT
Comment 27Ole-Egil29-Apr-2004 12:20 GMT
Comment 28pegxlin DEV29-Apr-2004 16:17 GMT
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